Amazon awarded design patent for Kindle v1, not that anyone would infringe

It's been a few years since the original Kindle was unearthed within the murky blue bowels of the FCC. In that time, Amazon's created a nice little side-business with heaps of critical acclaim. So let's be honest now, there's no point in being nice anymore: the first generation Kindle design was unpleasant, atrocious even, cause for shoegazing Parsons' hipsters with asymmetrical haircuts to bemoan the end of aesthetics while cruelly tracing the Kindle's angular edges across their wrists. Yesterday, Amazon received a US design patent for said Kindle. In a one-line statement, patent D591,741 gives Amazon claim to, "The ornamental design for an electronic media reader, as shown and described." In other words, it says nothing about the underlying technology while giving Amazon, and only Amazon, claim to this particular geometrical configuration for time immemorial. Thank you for that Jeff Bezos.

[Via All Things Digital]

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