SmartQ 7 is an Internet Tablet with dedicated FN

Oh look, another 7-inch device with an identity crisis. Too big to be called a smartphone, definitely not a netbook, it must be a MID, UMPC, or maybe a PMP. Wait, we see it now, the SmartQ 7 aspires to be an "Internet Tablet." Good, because its WVGA (800ish x 480 pixel) resolution is the same as Toshiba's 4.1-inch TG01 (to name just one smaller device) only stretched across a 7-inch touchscreen display -- not exactly ideal for video in 2009. The SmartQ 7 runs an unspecified Linux distro with specs that include WiFi, a USB-host mode, stereo speakers, and up to 2-days of music off a single charge to its 4500mAh Li-Poly battery. More importantly, there's a dedicated FN button along the top for instant fun. No launch date or price but we've got the backside, front, after the break.

[Via Pocketables]