Acer says US smartphones won't arrive until 2010

Acer has been busy showing off one smartphone after the other over the past few months, and making promises about at least one Android-based device, but it now looks like folks in the US will have to wait a bit longer than expected to actually get their hands on 'em. While complete details are a bit light, according to Gearlog, the phones are being held up as a result of some snags with US carriers, and the first phones now likely won't make their debut until some unspecified point in 2010. Presumably, that means the phones are still on track for a release overseas this year, and there's no doubt at least a slight chance that the situation could change over here before the year is out.

[Via Phone Scoop]

Update: That "slight chance" just got a little greater. Acer has told SlashGear that a fourth-quarter 2009 release isn't out of the question; we're figuring it probably depends more on how carrier relationships work out than anything else.