Clickfree rolls out Clickfree Traveller, DVD Transformer backup devices

Clickfree just kicked out a whole host of backup options at CES earlier this year, but it looks like it's already rolling out a few more additions, including the Clickfree Traveller automatic backup device and the Clickfree DVD Transformer. The former of those is a slim, credit card-sized hard drive available in sizes from 16GB to 64GB, which will automatically backup all your most important data as soon as you plug it into your Mac or PC. The DVD Transformer, on the other hand, works much like the company's Transformer Cable, but makes use of the DVD burner in your laptop or desktop for backups instead of a USB drive -- which, incidentally, can also function just fine without a $40 peripheral. It's available right now if you're in need of a little assistance though, as is the Clickfree Traveller, which'll set you back between $80 and $240.