Dell's $299 Mini 10v netbook spotted, SSD options added

Looks like the first iteration of the Mini 10 evolution is getting ready for retail. The Mini 10v (aka, "Bear" or model 1011) has just made it's first appearance in Dell's May catalog with "mid-May" anticipated availability. The 10v swaps out the Z-series Atom for the netbook standard N270 while remaining true to its 120GB disk, 1GB memory, XP, and 1.3 megapixel webcam origins. The big news here is price: the Mini 10v costs $100 less than the base Mini 10. Also spotted on Dell's retail site are new 32GB or 64GB SSD options for the current Mini 10 for an extra $75 or $125, respectively. Sorry kids, no Android option yet (which might not be a bad thing). SSD screengrab after the break.

[Thanks, Willy N.]

Update: The Mini 10 can now be ordered with Ubuntu, hooray!

Read -- Mini 10v [see last page, Warning: PDF]
Read -- SSD [click Hard Drive view]