LG KM900 Arena hands-on with video


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LG KM900 Arena hands-on with video
We already had a bit of hands-on time with the LG Arena, which was shown for first time at MWC this year. This phone stands out from the now-crowded full touchscreen phone market mainly by including the new (and attractive) S-Class 3D interface -- and we found that its touchscreen responds well and the included selection of apps is plenty diverse. It's been said before that the Arena looks a lot like an iPhone -- although you'll notice from the video that the Arena's just a hair thinner than its doppelganger -- and if you pay attention, you'll see that the music and photo manager has a sort of Coverflow flavor. Piqued your interest? Follow the break for our latest video quick take -- and head over to Engadget Spanish for the full gallery!

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