LG X120 unboxing and hands-on

We got an early look at LG's X120 netbook at CES back in January, but we've now finally gotten our hands on the final retail version, and will be properly putting it through its paces in the coming days. Right off the bat, however, it's clear that the netbook has quite a bit going for it inside and out, including a nice matte white finish all around the exterior (though it's as glossy as ever once you pop the lid), a generally solid build quality, a usable keyboard (although the trackpad is on the small side) and, of course, LG's Splashtop-powered Smart On interface, which once again manages to impress with its speediness, even if you'll still often find yourself reaching for XP. Hit up the gallery below for some unboxing and hands-on pics, and keep an eye out for some more in-depth impressions.