Canon's PowerShot D10 adventure cam shot with a bazooka in this in-depth review

The gang at Photography Blog have got their hands all over the PowerShot D10, and it looks like Canon didn't fare too badly with its first "adventure camera." Even if the reviewer didn't really drop it from a helicopter or shoot it with a bazooka (as we had originally hoped) the unit was found to be as intuitive, sensible, and dependable as the company's other point-and-shooters. Of course, a device with this robust of a design is going to suffer in a few areas, and the 3x, 35-135mm zoom lens and 2.5-inch display can easily be considered "rather hum-drum" for a camera in this day and age. That said, the lens is "quite fast," great for underwater use, and the display is bright enough for all of your spelunking needs. The verdict? If you're going to be dropping from airplanes or scavenging sunken treasure (actually, make that "reading on the beach" and "taking the kids snorkeling") this summer, you could do worse than shell out $329.99 for this bad boy. Hit the read link for the usual exhaustive review.