Latest mini-HDMI connectors get shown off in prototype form

Mini HDMI connectors aren't exactly anything new, but a number of companies have now produced some prototypes based on the latest Type D spec set for inclusion in the next HDMI standard, which they hope will be more suitable for cellphones, GPS systems, and other portable devices. One of those comes from Molex Inc and, like the others, is half the size of a regular HDMI connector (or about the same size as a micro-USB connector) but employs the same 19 pins as the standard HDMI design. That's joined by a similar connector from Yazaki Corp of Japan, as well as a connector designed specifically for automotive use by Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd, which supposedly boasts improved reliability and durability. Still no promises as to when any of these specific prototypes will actually materialize, of course, but the first few mini connectors of some sort could start appearing as soon as the second half of this year.