Nokia N97 pre-order falls to $524.25 in the US

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.08.09

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Nokia N97 pre-order falls to $524.25 in the US
Yes, technology tends to fall in price as it ages, but is the still-unreleased N97 prematurely getting on in the years or something? Did we miss that memo? Nokia USA is already blowing out N97 pre-orders for $174.75 off the $699 retail price after having originally gone up for sale just earlier this week -- and you still get a free BH-703 headset thrown in for good measure. Considering that this means you're getting the most full-featured device Nokia has ever made for the same price as a NAM E75, it seems like a no-brainer; hurry up, though, because we suspect this discount is a limited-time sort of deal.

[Thanks, Trudy]

Update: With code CARTP409N, the price falls to a ridiculously low $454. Seriously, what's up with the fire sale? Thanks, Lee!

Update 2: Sadly, the code's no longer working, but it seems like Nokia may honor pricing for those that ordered -- here's hoping. Thanks, everyone!
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