Renault's plug-in Kangoo be bop Z.E. features 'printed circuit' motifs, cute as a 390-point breadboard

Push up those glasses and refresh the lead in your mechanical pencils, Renault has a new accessory to transport your nerdrobe to the data center. Meet the Kangoo be bop Z.E. plug-in prototype. While the technology inside (Lithium Ion batteries with a 100-mile range and 30 minute recharge to 80% capacity -- or full charge in 20 minutes using a proposed 400V universal standard plug) is very similar to the vehicles that Renault expects to release on the road in 2011, and its appearance matches that of the Kangoo be bop hitting European roads this spring, it's the design detail that captured our attention. Zoom in on the gallery below and you'll quickly see that the Z.E. prototype (and future concept) is heavily influenced by the look of printed circuit boards, or "printed circuit motifs" as claimed by Renault's press release. Go ahead, firmly embrace your geekiness without guilt. Remember, you're a rock star.

P.S. Who knew we'd be rocking the Samsung F480 Tocco so far into the future?

[Via Autopia]