Dell unveils Della website to help women choose which totally cute laptop they prefer

It was probably only a matter of time: Dell -- a company that's been churning out some pretty wildly (and attractively) designed laptops of late -- has just rolled out a new website especially for the ladies. Called "Della," the site presents a shopping experience that is presumably less manish and annoying than good ole' Dell proper -- with lots of photos of women lounging around at the beach, drinking coffee, and browsin' the 'net in small groups on beautifully matched neutral-toned furniture sets. The site looks pretty slick, and while we can't really take issue with that, we do find it a bit disconcerting that they mention "finding recipes," "counting calories," and blissing out to "guided meditations" on the Tech Tips page. Tech Tips!? Then again, we didn't find any references to shoe shopping, so you know: whatever.