ViewSonic throws caution to the wind, plans own 3G smartphone

Take it from Garmin-Asus -- making a smartphone ain't exactly easy sauce. Regardless of the facts, ViewSonic has decided it prudent to jump head first into the tumultuous waters known only as "the smartphone industry," announcing today plans to create its very own offering that'll undoubtedly compete with the likes of HTC, Samsung, LG, Apple and the rest of the gang. The portfolio addition brings it a major step closer to realizing a "3- to 300-inch product line," but outside of a launch pattern, no details whatsoever were dished out. We're told that China will get the phone first, with Europe and the Americas following suit. We'll go ahead and start the vaporware watch now, just so we aren't caught off guard when there's nary a mention of this at CES 2010.