Fuzzy math: Palm Pre to run about $470 full retail?

Sprint is kicking off an exciting little contest that'll ultimately award two lucky winners with their very own Pres, Touchstones, and one year of Simply Everything service -- pretty awesome stuff. Both Sprint and Palm have been famously tight-lipped about pricing for the Pre thus far, but using a few basic calculations derived from the game's legalese, an eagle-eyed tipster pointed out that it seems that we can probably get within a few bucks of the full retail price. Here's the deal: we know that Simply Everything runs $99 a month. After federal taxes, FCC surcharges, and some fudge factor for local taxes, you're looking at, say, $105 to $110 a month. We can say with some confidence now that the Touchstone itself will run $69.99 at retail -- and that leaves the Pre itself. Sprint's rules say that the prize package's approximate retail value is $1,800, so if you subtract $105 for the plan (since Sprint can't be factoring in local taxes here) and $70 for the Touchstone, that basically leaves you with a nice, round $469.99. That sounds like a big number at first, but first off, very few folks will be paying $470 for a Pre -- they'll either be upgrading or adding new lines at a significant subsidy -- and to put the number in perspective, AT&T charges $549.99 full retail for the BlackBerry Bold. We're basically just thinking out loud here, but $470 seems like it'd give Sprint plenty of wiggle room to blow this thing out on contract, doesn't it? Check out shots of Sprint's mind-blowing contest for the ages after the break.

[Thanks, Jonathan]