The mysterious case of the non-existent white DualShock 3 controller

For over a year you've had Sony's blessing to cradle a black DualShock 3 in your twitchy little fingers, and though that matte covering makes for a perfect primer base should you care to go the RustOleum rattle-can route, that's still the only color Sony has approved for the US. It's the only color, Sony repeats, even when presented with the image above, which pretty clearly shows a white DualShock 3 safely encapsulated within North American, bi-lingual packaging -- and a Walmart receipt to boot. Sony's specific response was: "We have no plans to release a white Dualshock 3." That means either someone carefully sealed an imported gamepad into a domestic package, or this was one of those unplanned releases. Something else to look forward to at E3? Oh youbetcha.

Update: Commenter Four More Beers looked up the UPC and, go figure, it points to the classic black model on Walmart's site. So, proven hoax, or does Sony also not have any plans to release new UPC codes?