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Fujitsu and Macnica embed Android into digital photo frames -- WalMart, you listening?

Hey, if you can take Google's open source OS for mobile telephones and chunk it into a netbook, then why not digital photo frames? Fujitsu and Japan's Macnica have teamed up on what they're calling a "Software Platform for Home Network Digital Photo Frames" based on Google's Android. In other words, it's a software platform for home network digital photo frames based on Google's Android. Uh, riiight. The prototype frame above was on display in Japan yesterday running slideshows off a standard DLNA network. Honestly, we don't care what OS is running at the core of those cheap, off-brand digital photo frames cluttering big box shelves every holiday -- just make the navigation intuitive and we're happy. Android seems like a good (and free!) start along the road to standardization.