Toshiba's Dynabook SS RX2 with world's first 512GB SSD

With 512GB SSDs already announced it was just a matter of time until OEMs slapped that slim slab of solid state silicon into a laptop. Now our patience has paid off with Toshiba's 12.1-inch Dynabook SS RX2/WAJ; a world's first laptop to feature Toshiba's own 512GB SSD. Oh sure, ASUS announced its S121 with 512GB SSD back at CES but Toshiba's laptop is the first to actually ship. Remember, the Core 2 Duo SU9400-based SS RX2 is already the mother of ultra-portable badassery with a 12-hour battery stuffed into a slim 19.5 ~ 25.5mm sled weighing just 1.1-kg (less than 2.5-pounds). But with the SSD alone priced at about $1,500, well, you can guess how much the SS RX2 will cost configured (hint: over $4,000).

Update: As noted by tipster Grovester, the US version of this RX2 -- the Portege R600-ST4203 -- with the same 512GB SSD lists for just $2,999. Not bad.

Update 2: Toshiba contacted to let us know that the $2,999 listing (see Google cache) was apparently a mistake -- the real price is $3,499. Not so good.