Forever-gate: Take-Two demands Duke Nukem Forever source code in suit

If the development of Duke Nukem Forever was a troubled marriage, welcome to the nasty, drawn-out divorce.

Shacknews reports that court documents it obtained from the case of Take-Two Interactive vs. Apogee Software have the former demanding, well, custody of the unfinished game's source code. It also seeks to prevent Apogee from "disclosing, distributing, transferring or selling to any party other than Take-Two any proprietary information related to DNF." In short, Take-Two wants what it claims it paid for, and wants it now.

3D Realms co-founder, Scott Miller, wrote in a comment on Shacknews that the DNF developer "never saw a penny of that money," referring to the $12 million Take-Two says it paid Apogee for publishing rights to the game in 2000.

If there's anything positive to be taken away from this litigation situation, it's that Take-Two evidently plans on ensuring a return on its investment in DNF -- possibly to the extent of taking all the game's assets and continuing its development elsewhere.

[Via BigDownload]