Apogee and Deep Silver want your best Duke impressions

Tired of hearing about Duke Nukem these past couple of weeks? In all honesty, we're becoming a bit weary of writing about him, but we really couldn't pass this one up. Apparently the folks behind the Duke Nukem Trilogy are looking for a few good actors to do their best Duke impressions and maybe get a chance to "travel around the world representing Deep Silver and Apogee Software, LLC as the new 'official' Duke Nukem."

We might not have informed you about the contest had the already existing contestant videos not convinced us otherwise. Women playing Duke? Yep. People who speak English only sometimes playing Duke? You bet! Hilarious? In an American Idol blooper, catching some serious wahjah kind of way. If you're so inclined to enter yourself (though we're wary to encourage that), all you have to do is capture your best Duke impressions on tape and head over to the contest website for entry instructions. We're going out on a limb and suggesting you don't impersonate what Duke does to bosses after taking them out in your entry. We'll leave it at that.