Keepin' it real fake, part CCX: "iPozh" DVD player lacks Apple's style, but does the lack of Blu-ray support right

Copying Apple's style and fruit logo (this time it's a pear) is nothing new, but other than the packaging and no Blu-ray support, this Russian-born "iPozh" multi-region DVD player, found at reportedly one of the biggest electronic retail chains in Moscow, seems fit to look as generic and "un-Apple" as aesthetically possible. Still, if you're wandering through a store and you get caught in the vicious stare of that poster, you might fork over the 4,490 rubles (US $139) for fear of the gentleman on the right otherwise emerging from the poster and following you with his gaze for months to come. Look for this to hit outside of Russia sometime in... ah, who are we kidding? Enjoy the pics from afar, and in case you're wondering, that phrase on the blue poster translates to "time for you to play!"

[Thanks, Michael and Mitch]