Life-sized Tachikoma loose on the streets of Tokyo (update: video!)

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|05.20.09

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Life-sized Tachikoma loose on the streets of Tokyo (update: video!)

You know, we see a lot of kick-ass vehicles 'round Engadget HQ, so it's easy to grow a little jaded. Who can forget that Batman Tumbler we saw tearing up the asphalt last summer? Or the Halo Warthog -- complete with UN Space Command BDUs? Sure, either of those would make for a fun-filled weekend (or a lifetime of weekends), but what about something a little more suited to urban environs? Next time you're in Tokyo, make sure you look up a gentleman named San Kougei, who put together a joystick-piloted replica Tachikoma (of Ghost In The Shell fame). Who knows? Maybe he'll even let you take it for a spin. We're looking forward to seeing some YouTube video of this bad boy, but in the meantime we present you with one more pic (after the break).

Update: Video found... from 2006. Hey, it's new to (most of) you!

[Via Tokyo Mango]

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