Microsoft expands BlueTrack line with two new wireless mice, is fully prepared to track more blue

Microsoft's standing by its BlueTrack technology with two new wireless numbers, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and the Wireless Mouse 5000. The Mobile Mouse 6000 includes Microsoft's first "nano" transceiver, which sticks a mere 0.8 centimeters out from its USB port for continual ensconcement, but can also be stashed away under the mouse for safe keeping in the sake of a peripheral plugging emergency. The full-sized Wireless Mouse 5000 also features a snap-in transceiver, and like its mobile brother is ambidextrous in design. In June it'll be available in a Wireless Desktop 3000 package along with the Wireless Keyboard 3000 for $70, and both will be available separately for $40, with the Mobile Mouse 6000 bringing in the "high end" at $50. Microsoft is also announcing the LifeCam VX-2000, a $30 VGA webcam for all five of you who haven't bought a computer within the last five years with one built-in. You are loved.