New video of HTC Hero's Android build offers Frenchy vision of widget utopia

The verdict is still out on whether what we've been seeing is indeed some precursor to Android 2.0 "Donut," or (more likely) some elaborate HTC skin designed bring HTC's Android home screen experience up to par with its extensive Windows Mobile reskinning. Either way, things are shaping up quite nicely for the HTC Hero, with another leaked build showing widget functionality galore, including weather widgets that actually show the weather. Interestingly, this isn't a complete replacement for the existing home screen, since in the add widget dialogue you can pick an HTC Gadget, a Google Gadget, or other regular things like Shortcuts, and most everything seems to cohabitate well in the example video. With the rate these leaks are coming, we're guessing we'll be hearing more about the HTC Hero before too long, and if not we've always got the nouveau cocktail jazz electro crossover stylings of Air to keep us calm. Video is after the break.

[Via Android Guys]