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Sigma DP2 gets reviewed but not respected

With the Sigma DP2 now officially on sale it's time for the in-depth reviewers to have their say, and Photo Review is first at bat to weigh in with its opinion of the $699 compact, a shooter that doesn't exactly hit a home run. Sigma's latest is a pocketable camera that can take fantastic shots when properly used, but is frustrating to use, requires plenty of manual tweaking, and sends you wading through a mire of confusing menus to make those tweaks. Beyond that its low-light image quality disappointed, its LCD doesn't compare to those on cheaper compacts, there's no AF assist lamp, and of course there's that significant admission price. Overall, it sounds like the sort of camera many Sigma fans will appreciate -- and the sort that won't do much to extend the brand's appeal.

[Via 1001 Noisy Cameras]