Moblin 2.0 beta impressively demoed on video

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|05.20.09

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Moblin 2.0 beta impressively demoed on video

We'll admit, we were pretty skeptical that Moblin would ever amount to much after seeing the 1.0 build, but it looks like the elves at Intel have been plenty busy: the 2.0 beta is now available, and it's looking pretty sharp. Unlike the first build's more traditional Linux interface, 2.0 drops you into an attractive unified application shell reminiscent of HP's MIE that also allows you to run regular Linux apps. Apps are grouped into "zones," which function like virtual desktops, and switching between zones is handled by a taskbar-like interface. Of course, even Intel isn't immune to sticking widgets all over everything, and the main screen (called the m_zone) has plenty of 'em, from calendars to Twitter to browser history thumbnails. All in all, it's really slick stuff -- check a quick video after the break.

[Via Hylke's Home; thanks Joey-Elijah]

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