Vizio sues Funai for patent infringement, seeks to stop TV imports

In the latest episode of this ongoing saga Vizio (now feeling its oats enough to claim the "Number One Shipper of Flat Panel HDTVs in the USA" title) is again suing Funai for patent infringement and seeking an injunction barring Funai from importing and selling its HDTVs. Just in case that wasn't etherous enough, Vizio cofounder Laynie Newsome chimed in with a line to make Funai's soul burn slow, pointing out that unlike some companies, Vizio's patent portfolio has not been rejected by the USPTO. We don't know how realistic it is that shipments of Funai's Sylvania, Philips, Magnavox and other branded products could be stalled by the action -- note Funai's so far ineffective action on Vizio's products -- but hopefully this latest strike brings things closer to a resolution and more cheap televisions for all.