RIP, OQO: company discontinues repair service, disconnects phone lines

It wasn't without a lot of warning signs, but still we're sad to see the hammer drop. It looks like Model 2+ maker OQO has officially closed up shop, and according to a statement on the OQOTalk forums, it cannot offer any more repair or service support due to "financial constraints." All our attempts to contact the company have come up with disconnected numbers and undeliverable email notifications, so yeah, we think it's safe to call it now. And to think, this very day last year its little UMPC had expanded into the world of GPS navigation. Shed a tear, won't ya?

Update: GottaBeMobile stumbled upon SVP of sales and marketing Bob Rosin -- outside one of the writer's garages, apparently -- who confirmed the company's demise, and added that the technology and engineering team might stay afloat should a deal with an undisclosed PC vendor pan out. That said, there are no more devies left in stock and don't expect anymore to be produced.