Suda51 talks about the films that inspired No More Heroes

It's no secret that we're madly in love with Suda51's No More Heroes and take every opportunity available to talk about it. But, where does such an idea come from? Does it simply leap from the darkest corners of Suda51's brain? During his "The Birth of No More Heroes" presentation at The Nordic Game Conference, the man said several movies played a big part in shaping the themes of the game, and the title's main character, Travis Touchdown, was directly inspired by the antics of Johnny Knoxville in Jackass. That explains the gratuitous amount of shopping carts in the game!

Other films played crucial roles in helping Suda51 conceptualize the game, such as Mel Brooks' classic, Spaceballs, which Suda credits for giving him the idea for Travis Touchdown's signature weapon, the beam katana. The list keeps going on, as Suda also gives credit to classics Dirty Harry and El Topo for helping the dream of No More Heroes become a reality.

Suda's presentation not only talks No More Heroes, but it also deals with the films that inspired his other games. So, if you're a Suda51 fan (or a Grasshopper Manufacture fan), you'll want to check out 1UP's transcript of the panel.