TomTom brings costly connected services to mid-range XL LIVE

In theory, we've no qualms with TomTom's LIVE services. Sure, they're over-hyped, overpriced and generally slow to react, but they're definitely nice extras on an otherwise vanilla PND. That said, we simply can't (and won't, ever) justify the crazy monthly rates for having access to basic information that even a dumb smartphone could find. Nevertheless, TomTom's doing its darnedest to push those very services to the masses by trickling 'em down from the GO 740 LIVE to its popular XL model. Folks across the pond can pick one up next month for €219 ($301) or €249 ($342) depending on whether you need a regional model or one with 42 European nations, but you'll still be asked to shell out €9.95 ($14) per month if you want those LIVE services.