WoW Moviewatch: Why can't I raid?

You may remember Taintedlore from her remake of The Womanizer Song. She's hooked up with movie maker Leonnardum to create a new parody video, called Why can't I raid? If you don't recognize the music, it's based of Rihanna's song, Unfaithful.

The video's pretty solid, and does a nice job of complimenting the lyrics. I like how Leonnardum has found little visual queues to match Taintedlore's singing, without overwhelming the music with complex visuals. What really struck me about the final piece, however, was the use of modulation with Taintedlore's singing. She seems to have a great voice, and I like hearing her sing. I don't understand is why her voice is going through the electronic modulation, since it didn't appear in the original song. I'd like to hear her real voice. Though, as always, it's possible some artistic technique flew over my head, and I should get why it's in the synthetic style.

Overall, I continue to be interested in Taintedlore's work, and I would definitely like to see more from Leonnardum going forward.