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Sensaris wearable sensor promises to track noise and air quality

While it's not too hard to get general information about the air quality in a particular city, it's considerably tougher if you're looking to break things down on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, or get actual real-time information. The folks at Sensaris seem to think they can change that with this new GPS-equipped wearable sensor of theirs, however, which is not only able to monitor air quality, but noise pollution as well. Of course, that information isn't all that useful on its own, so the device makes use of its built-in Bluetooth to link up with your cellphone and broadcast the data to a central service, which in turn makes it available to the public at large. What's more, while there's no word of it being put into use 'round these parts, it is apparently going to be deployed in Paris, which Sensaris hopes will just be the first of many cities to hop on board.

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