Hitachi details UltraVision and Alpha LCD HDTV lines

Unlike practically ever other brand, Hitachi didn't take the wraps off of its 2009 HDTV line at CES. Instead, it waited until summer officially began, and we can't really argue with the tactic. At any rate, the company is following JVC, LG and Sony with their respective HD news by announcing new members in the long-standing UltraVision line (shown left) as well as the Alpha series (shown right). In the former, we'll soon see the 55-inch L55S603 ($1,799), 46-inch L46S603 ($1,299) and 42-inch L42S503 ($999) hit the streets (in September, August and June, respectively), while the Alpha crew contains the 42-inch L42A403 ($849) and the 32-inch L32A403 ($499), both of which ship this month. The UltraVision sets all boast 1080p panels, 120Hz dejudder technology, up to five HDMI sockets and built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC TV tuners. As for the Alphas, you'll find a total of seven HD inputs (four HDMI), a 1080p panel on the fat kit and a 720p display on the little guy.