Alienware's Allpowerful laptop teases with riddles

Five days before launch and out pops another teaser for the Alienware Allpowerful gaming laptop. The image above again comes courtesy of the cats and kittens over at the NotebookReview forums. Noted symbolist, Larven, went so far as to translate the gibberish on the picture setting the forum into a tizzy of code cracking. It reads line-by-line as follows:

The sum of the first four primes (Answer: 17 hinting at a 17-inch display or Core i7 maybe?)
Denotes a state of two parts (Core 2 Extreme or dual-GPUs perhaps?)
Known as the gentleman's muscle car of 1967 (Plymouth GTX pointing to NVIDIA graphics?)
When pure, it will carry a yield strength of 7-11 mpa (Aluminum chassis?)
Is always empty in zero sum games (Core?)

Of course, with a name like Allpowerful, we're expecting something big here. We've seen Core i7 laptops before, but dual GTX 260M / 280M GPUs might be a little much? We'll turn the sleuth-work over to you now dear readers. Best guess gets a HTTP cookie.

[Thanks, MAG]