HDMI 1.4 officially detailed: Ethernet / Audio Return channels, 3D, 4K x 2K support

We already heard that HDMI 1.4 was just around the bend, and now HDMI Licensing has come forward with all of the official details surrounding the specification. Unfortunately for AV enthusiasts, it seems as if we're taking two steps forward and three back, and we get this sinking feeling that HDMI 1.5 will be here before we know it. At any rate, the main additions to the format are an Ethernet channel, audio return channel, 3D over HDMI, 4K x 2K resolution support, a micro HDMI connector (around half the size of the existing HDMI Mini plug) and an automotive connection system. All fine and good, right? Sure, until you get to the part about having to choose between five different HDMI 1.4 cables, something that the suits at Monster just had to have a hand in. For a detailed look at what you'll need to study up on before buying your next HDMI cable, clinch your fists and hit the read link.