Medion's Akoya P7700 D PC will do your multimedia right on a budget

There are little HTPCs that hum indiscreetly amidst your home theater equipment, and then are there behemoth multimedia PCs that gobble down all the HD content you can shove at them while playing Crysis at 80fps and folding proteins in the background. Medion's Akoya P7700 D looks to fall somewhere in between, featuring a strong Intel Core 2 Quad processor, a middling NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 with HDMI output, 1TB of storage to start, and a Blu-ray drive all in a case that has pleasant enough looks but won't be squeezing into many entertainment centers. The system hits Europe this week for a reasonable €699 (about $970), and if you get lucky could be appearing in local Aldi circulars soon.

[Via Pocket-lint]