Video: Spider Camera Holster is a bit idiotic, possibly brilliant

We've been known to mule-about vast quantities of gear for hours at a time in order to bring you the latest and greatest in gadgets at a real-time pace. That means several pounds of electronics (laptops, data cards, extra batteries, smartphones, a DSLR with multiple lenses, compact camera, a video camera and all the associated cables and power bricks) slung from our feeble necks and shoulders. So when someone comes along with a claim to offset that load, well, we're going to listen. Enter the Spider Camera Holster; a belt clip with a "spider pin" adapter that screws into the bottom of your cam allowing for a quick attach and release from the belt. A trick that moves the load from your neck to your hip in the process. Whether this is brilliant or idiotic, we're not sure yet. Just try not to stare if you see us standing in a crowd with trou dropped around the ankles -- we might be working... we might not. The Spider camera holster will ship this summer for an undetermined price.

[Via CNET]