Live Sky TV coming to Xbox 360 in UK and Ireland, hooligan avatars to follow

US Americans, go ahead and enjoy your Netflix streaming over your Xbox 360, Brits are about to land a deal that'll put live football, TV, and films over Microsoft's broadband-enabled console -- a first live television service for Xbox 360 anywhere. Beginning in Autumn, Xbox Live subscribers in the UK and Ireland will gain access to Sky's Sky Player service that includes subscription-based live, on-demand, and pay-per-view access to your favorite shows without the need for an additional set-top-box or satellite dish. Unfortunately, specifics like prices and channel line-up have not been announced, though content is expected to be similar to the Sky Player service already available on Macs and PCs. Of interest, Xbox Live users will be able to watch sporting content together virtually and sling insults and taunts at one-another via avatars or virtual personas. Something that will lead to slurring songs in a fit of semi-social inebriation or fisticuffs, depending on the score.

[Via Gadgetoid]