Xbox 360 getting full retail games delivered on demand

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|06.01.09

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Xbox 360 getting full retail games delivered on demand
Microsoft's E3 keynote was so jam-packed the company decided to wait until afterwards to announce what might be the biggest new feature of them all: on-demand access to full retail games. The service will launch in August with 30 titles to start, and new games will be added weekly, with pricing to match retail. The best part? Purchases can be made directly with a credit card, no pesky Xbox points required. More pics of the system after the break.

Update: Don't get your hopes up, MS tells us that the point system isn't going anywhere, it's just being supplemented with credit card purchases. Also, game rentals aren't happening yet, but they said it "sounds great for the future."
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