OCZ intros 3.5-inch Colossus SSD at Computex

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.02.09

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OCZ intros 3.5-inch Colossus SSD at Computex

Not satisfied with a few new machines from OCZ Technology? Have a look at this. Over in Taiwan, the company has slid out an all new SSD solution designed to fit into the 3.5-inch holes that desktop gamers have grown to know and love. The so-called Colossus solid state drive will be made available in around eight weeks in 512GB and 1TB sizes, though there's no telling just yet how pricey they'll be. From what we can gather, there will be a pair of drives in there strung together in a RAID 0 array; in a sense, it's a Z-Drive in a different form factor. Color us emphatically interested -- even though we aren't yet willing to sacrifice our child's education in order to put a down payment on one.

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