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Video: ECS T800 netbook brings us to our knees with Android on 1GHz OMAP3

This is quite possibly a better Vaio P... you know, if it actually worked. This non-functional stunner of a prototype is sitting pretty at Computex, an event where OEMs (like Sony, HP, and Dell) shop from the latest ODM (like Foxconn and Compal) designs before tweaking for retail launch. Instead of taking chances with Vista overpowering an Intel Atom processor, however, the ECS T800 on display at Computex is destined to run Android on your choice of 800MHz OMAP3 3440 or 1GHz OMAP3 3450 TI processors. It measures in at 246 x 121 x 20-mm / 800-grams (1.76-pounds) and packs an 8.1-inch display, 512MB of memory, a 2.5-inch hard disk or SSD, and a pair of internal Mini-PCIe slots for WWAN cards. Regarding ports, we're looking at 2x USB 2.0, a 4-in-1 card reader, and an audio jack for your headset. Hey ODMs, we're interested (even if the case for Android on a netbook hasn't been clearly defined) especially if it can be offered for $99 or less through a subsidized carrier agreement. So who's going to bite first, huh? Maybe you Dell now that your Mini 9 netbook has been discontinued. Video after the break.