Acer shows off Android on a netbook, sneaks Firefox into the proceedings

After confirmation of basement experimentations, and then a surprising announcement of product, Acer's now actually showing off an Android-powered netbook at Computex. Acer is careful to say that this isn't their actual Android netbook in the flesh, they're just the Aspire One D250 as a test platform. Naturally, startup and shutdown times are fairly rapid (eighteen seconds up, one second down), and for the most part Android seems unmodified other than its support for the D250's 10-inch display, though there is one major head scratcher -- in PC Watch's coverage of this computer they show off a full-ish version of Firefox apparently running on Android, menu bar included, which is a new one on us. Of course, Firefox runs on Linux, and Android is built on Linux, but there are still a few gaps in logic there that we'll be happy to explore when we get our own look at this thing.