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Acer's Snapdragon-equipped F1 in fast-paced WinMo action at Computex

We've already seen dormant F1s resting comfortably from the confines of display stands at MWC earlier this year, but Acer's now ready to flip the power switch and show off its WinMo 6.5 superphone's capabilities in the flesh at Computex this week. Our own Engadget Chinese spent some quality time shooting the Snapdragon-powered beast, running what could very well be the gold shipping build of 6.5 considering that it's now been released to manufacturers in final form for inclusion in their devices. As you might expect for the Tegra-fighting Snapdragon silicon, animations and transitions seems to be totally dead-on smooth and movement between applications is faster than anything this side of a Toshiba TG01, so we're excited to see this one find its way into retail later this year; in the meantime, though, follow the link for some glorious footage.