Fujitsu's vibrant M2010 netbook gets reviewed: "too little, too late"

Tough luck, Fujitsu -- seems your entry into the entirely oversaturated netbook market is just "too little, too late." That's the conclusion drawn by critics over at Laptop, who found the M2010 to be a solid performer, but one with a cramped keyboard and a battery life of under two hours. No doubt, a longevity mark such as that has no place in a netbook, and the surprisingly high $449 price tag certainly didn't do it any favors. Reviewers pointed out that for $10 less, you could snap up the Samsung N110, which offers up four times the battery life and a more comfortable keyboard. Heck, the $379 Eee PC 1000HE goes for six hours strong and seems to be just as potent. Of course, this one's definitely doused in red, so if that's your shade, good luck thinking logically about this.