Garmin-Asus set to launch first Android phone in Q1 2010

Garmin-Asus isn't exactly doing a ton of talking about it just yet, but PC World is reporting that the company has confirmed that it plans to release its first Android-based smartphone "no later than the first quarter of next year." An Asustek exec reportedly further added that the device could even come a bit earlier, but unfortunately didn't have anything to say about a potential price, or anything about the phone itself, for that matter. Of course, as you're no doubt aware, Garmin-Asus already has a Linux-based phone in the form of the G60 (pictured above), but it's not clear if that proprietary OS will continue to co-exist alongside Android, or if it'll get ditched in favor of Android. If it doesn't, Garmin-Asus will have quite a few balls in the air at time, since the company is already pretty firmly committed to Windows Mobile as well.

[Via PhoneArena]