TomTom announces special edition "White Pearl" nav system

Navigation systems don't often get the same special edition treatment given to cellphones and other gadgets, but TomTom looks to be doing its small part to change that, and it's now announced its new "White Pearl" edition nav unit. As you might expect, however, apart from that eye-catching exterior, this one is basically just a re-purposed version of one of TomTom's existing devices -- a TomTom ONE IQ Routes edition, in this case. While the specs no doubt remain the same, TomTom has at least gone so far as to add a new start-up screen that fills out the design, not to mention a few new, totally not obvious special points of interest like "Places to be seen" and "Shop 'til you drop." No word on a release 'round here, but it looks like folks in the UK will be able to pick one up this month for £179.99, or just about $300 even.