Sprint and Palm admit that they don't expect wild lines for Pre

It's hard to say what changed between May 20th and today (any ideas, Verizon / AT&T?), but it seems that Sprint's tone on the impending Pre launch has shifted just a bit. In a new report over at Bits, we're told that both Sprint and Palm are informing the public to not expect lengthy lines on launch day. Naturally, both firms are spinning this like it's a good thing, with Palm's Lynn Fox proclaiming that "[Palm's] not like Apple." Mark Elliott, a spokesman for Sprint, even went so far as to say that it was actually attempting to "manage the exact opposite" of long lines, noting that Sprint wanted "each customer to get the experience" rather than being rushed in and out. Honestly, the spin factor was most obvious when he outed this line: "[Success] is not about having a line out the door; it's about being able to treat each customer and make sure they're happy with their decision." Alrighty then.

[Image courtesy of IDR]