Mtube II mixes an Android tablet with an XP netbook

Been thinking about settling down with an XP netbook but can't get the idea of an Android tablet out of your mind? We understand your pain -- and so does Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry, which is showing off the Mtube II netbook / tablet at Computex. The slick remix of an HP Mini 1000 runs XP when in netbook configuration, but then switches over to Android on an unspecified ARM processor when the screen is pulled off and used as a tablet. Yes, it's basically the product most of us have daydreamed about for ages -- much like the Touch Book -- but there are some tradeoffs here: first, the Atom in the netbook base has been swapped for a VIA C7-M, so it's not exactly a rocket, and second, the screen is connected by VNC, so video performance isn't going to be all that great. We're hoping the additional year of development III says it needs will solve some of those problems, but until then you know we'll be doodling this thing all through math class. Videos after the break.