AACS finalized, death to analog in 2013


Not that any of this really matters since AACS has long since been made irrelevant, but this really pulls back the reigns on anyone who thought Hollywood was making progress in its perspective on DRM. What we mean is, at a time when music is sold DRM free, Hollywood demands that new Blu-ray players made after December 31st of 2013 will no longer support analog on any AACS protected content. Of course who even knows what we'll be watching in four years, or if HDTVs will even have analog inputs by then, but what's worse is that starting in 2011, new Blu-ray players will only output SD via component, which for all intents and purposes makes component useless. The only good news in the final version of the AACS is that Managed Copy is alive and well, but a lot of good that does if no studio ever decides to use it.