Phil Schiller keynote live from WWDC 2009

It's happening, if you hadn't noticed. Read after the break for live updates of all the keynote mayhem! iPhone OS 3.0, Snow Leopard and MacBook refreshes, just for starters.

We're at Moscone Center, and there's already a huge line outside. We're holding tight in the media registration area, but should be up and in soon. We hope!

8:42AM Well we're up. We're in a small crowd of journalists just outside the doors to the main event. So far nothing too exciting going down... though there is a rumor that someone has spotted Steve Jobs wandering around. Sure guys, sure.

9:03AM The Apple Store is down. You know what that means: new Airport Extremes.

9:07AM Now on the floor -- literally. Still waiting for these doors to open. There's no shortage of familiar media faces here, and everyone is in pretty high spirits.

Word on the street is that the doors will actually open around 9:30. Tick tock, Apple.

9:39AM And we're in! We've just gotten ourselves a sweet aisle seat, and hey... power! Thanks Apple, you sure know how to treat the livebloggers right.

Some thumping techno / rock on the soundsystem here -- mood is nuts. No one has been trampled yet though.

9:44AM Radiohead... again. '15 Step'

9:52AM Okay, now it's just straight up dance party music in here. Oh wait. Dave Matthews Band -- we take it back. No one is dancing.

9:57AM "Good morning ladies and gentlemen -- welcome to WWDC 2009 -- please silence all cellphones and PAGING DEVICES."

10:01AM The lights are dimming... and people are cheering. This thing is about to get really real. And here we go!

10:02AM A welcome from John Hodgman... PC. "Welcome to the WWDC... I want to be the first to wish you a week with some innovation... but not too much." "You've already sold 1 billion apps... don't you think that's enough?"

10:02AM "Hello I'm a Mac, and PC is trying to say have a great conference." And Phil Schiller is out! Huge applause.

10:03AM "Thank you, thank you very much. Welcome to WWDC. We have an amazing week planned for all of you, and I mean all of you. Can't you feel the love in this room? This is the best level of excitement for our dev conference yet. I'd like to show you one reason for that."

10:04AM "Here's a chart of OS X users over 10 years." It goes from 5m to 25m. "But something has happening..." he changes the chart to move up to 75m. "We've tripled the amount of users since iPhone." Big applause. "No wonder is trying to follow in our footsteps, so we'd like to tell you what we're doing to continue this market growth."

10:05AM He's intro'ing who will be out, Scott Forstall will be making an appearance. "Now I get to begin with a section on the Mac. They're the best they've ever been at Apple. New customers are choosing new notebooks, and we're in love with this new design."

10:06AM Now Phil is reminding us of just how super duper awesome the unibody build technique is. "Customers couldn't be happier with them." "We don't want to stop though, we want to continue to extend that lead... I'm happy to show you a brand new version of the 15-inch macbook pro"

10:07AM Apple is going to use the same battery from the 17-inch version -- looks to be non-removable, just like that model. Lithium-polymer. Up to 7 hours of battery life. "A typical user will get about 5 years of life from this battery."

10:08AM "Unlike our competitors, who will go through 3 batteries and not dispose of them properly."

"When you open it up, it's got a gorgeous display... still insanely thin... if you zoom in you see something different." A new SD slot instead of the ExpressCard slot!

10:09AM That is pretty nice if you're doing a lot of photo work... but we would like that ExpressCard slot!

10:09AM "But there's a lot more... it's the fastest notebook we've ever made. Up to a 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, and up to 8GB of RAM." Big cheers. "You can get up to 500GB in hard drives, or up to 256GB SSD."

10:10AM "It starts at an even lower price... just $1699."

10:11AM Three standard configs, $1699 (2.53GHZ, 4GB RAM), $1999 (2.66GHz, 4GB RAM 320GB HD), $2299 (2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD)

10:12AM SD slot is there too.

10:13AM "Now you're looking at this thinking, why isn't this just the MacBook Pro? What can we add? Well it can also get up to 8GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, and the backlit keyboard is now standard as well."

10:13AM Boo ya! FireWire 800 port!

10:13AM Whoa -- they're adding the 13-inch to their MacBook Pro line.

10:14AM "It starts at $1199."

10:15AM Wow -- nice showing here. Price cuts are welcome for sure.

10:16AM "We're also going to update the MacBook Air with more aggressive configs and pricing. It starts at $1499... the SSD config is $1799." Wow, that's a deep cut. $700 than previous.

10:16AM Now Phil is reminding us that these are the most environmentally sound laptops they've made. "World's greenest lineup of notebooks..." So they claim.

10:17AM "Great hardware deserves great software, so I'd like to invite up Bertrand Serlet"

10:18AM Ouch. "What a sharp contrast with Vista our OS is." Laughter.

10:18AM "What a big hole Microsoft has dug -- they're trying to get out of it with Windows 7." Now he's listing things like the registry and defrag. Really toasting Windows users here.

10:19AM "Even more complexity is present in Windows 7. The same old tech as Vista. Just another version of Vista."

10:19AM "We come from such a different place. We love Leopard, we're so proud of it -- so we decided to build upon Leopard -- we want to build a better Leopard, hence Snow Leopard."

10:20AM Adding Exchange support to Snow Leopard. We've got chills. Chills we tell you!

10:20AM "The Finder. We love the way it is -- for SL we didn't change it. What we did is rewrite it, and from that there's lots of little benefits."

10:21AM "Next up, the Dock -- we've had a feature that we use to deal with clutter, called Expose, and now we've built it into the dock." You click and hold on an app and it automatically zooms out your active windows.

10:22AM "We've made installs 45% faster. And after you install, you recover disk space... it's over half the footprint of the previous version." Wow -- 6GB of savings. That's not nothing.

10:23AM "Preview, we've changed the way text selection works -- we use AI to find the right text in the right place." Big applause for this, seems minor, but hugely helpful.

10:23AM Wow -- they're adding handwriting recognition for the trackpad.

10:23AM "Next Safari. It's been in beta for a few months... today we're shipping Safari 4 for Leopard, Tiger, and Windows." Chuckles, cheers.

10:24AM "Safari 4 offers unparalleled speed." There's a chart. Another cold dis to Windows -- IE8 is way way at the bottom. Oooh, he's boasting that it's passed the Acid3 test 100/100... IE8? 21/100.

10:25AM "Here's some things you get in SL. Crash Resistance -- the number one browser crash cause is plugins -- so now, the plugin crashes, but your windows are intact. Just reload the page."

10:27AM Demo time!

10:28AM "We're going to start with Dock and the Finder. Let's talk about Stacks -- in SL, stacks handle content" You can go deeper in level on stacks now, down to other folders.

10:30AM Now showing off new Expose tricks in Safari and Mail -- lots of ways to uncover content, and select through it.

"Let's say I want to drop an image in this email message, mail springs into Expose and I can drop it right in." Wow, huge applause for that.

10:31AM "Next up, Safari 4. It is the fastest browser on any platform. And that extends to JavaScript. Let's look at Google Maps." Wow, super fast -- they aren't joking.

10:32AM "The final area of Safari I'd like to cover is full history search. I just click in the lower right, and I get a cover flow view across my browsing history. But I also have full spotlight search too."

10:33AM "QuickTime is designed to put your video center stage. As soon as I start playing, the controls and titlebar fade away. When I want to go back, they fade back in. Another great feature is the ability to trim and share my video... I get a visual timeline." Audience: ahhhhh.

10:33AM You can grab ends of the clip region you want to trim, then just cut it right down. Export quickly to MobileMe, etc.

10:34AM "Thank you!"

10:34AM "So lots of refinements in Snow Leopard. But there's also powerful new technologies. They take advantage of the power of silicon. When you look at a modern Mac, there are things that weren't possible just a few years ago."

10:35AM "To take advantage of all this, you need the right software. So first, 64-bit. The obvious reason is to take advantage of a lot of memory. When you run in 64-bit, the memory limit is... 16 billion GB. It's unlimited."

10:36AM "All the major system apps run in 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard."

10:37AM "Let's talk multi-core CPUs. The challenge is how to take advantage of them. The answer is threads. So we have a solution for this. Grand Central Dispatch. It's built-in support for multi-core all across Leopard."

10:38AM Now looking at threads in Leopard compared to Snow Leopard. "It uses more threads when busy, but when idle, they all go away, unlike Leopard, where they remain. It's a big win in responsiveness."

10:39AM "Now let's talk graphics. The way to use GPU power is OpenGL, but we want to move beyond that. We've devised a technology called OpenCL..." Uh huh. Sounds familiar.

10:40AM "We've decided to make it an open standard." Big cheers for that one. "All the top manufacturers of graphics cards are involved."

10:41AM "So let's talk business -- what we've been missing is Exchange. So we've built in Exchange support to Mail, Calendar, and Address Book." Demo time again.

10:42AM Mail auto-discovers Exchange data, and also provides Spotlight search for Exchange messages.

10:44AM Exchange contacts and calendars are integrated with your personal data, but kept separate. You can also drag a contact out of Address Book and directly into a calendar to create an event. Nice.

10:46AM "So Exchange support requires Exchange 2007 servers. We offer it at no extra charge, it's built-in to Snow Leopard. So that's Exchange and this is a little tour of some of the new features of the OS. It will be available for all Intel Macs, past and present. So how should we price Snow Leopard? We want all Leopard users to upgrade to this, so we are pricing at $29." Huge huge applause. But of course, we knew this, didn't we?

10:47AM "$29 for Leopard users, and a family pack is $49. It will be available this September, and today we're making a dev preview available."

10:47AM "Now I'd like to turn to Scott... for the iPhone." Here we go kids. Hang on to your hats.

10:48AM "Alright, let's talk about the iPhone."

10:48AM "The response from devs on the iPhone has been staggering. They've been prolific in building and posting apps to the App Store. There's now more than 50,000 apps in the store."

10:49AM "We've been working hard to to build a growing user base. These apps run on all iPhones and iPod touches. We've sold more than 40m iPhones and iPod touches."

10:49AM "These customers love running and downloading apps from the App Store. We hit 1 billion downloads, and that's just in 9 months."

10:50AM "We put a video together to share stories from developers..." A little video now.

10:50AM We're seeing a highlight reel of successful developers. This is pretty emotional stuff. We're getting some tissues out, just in case.

10:51AM "It's always been my dream to travel around and make my own games... I knew the iPhone was going to be something special."

10:52AM "I was at a baseball game, and they showed a commercial for my app, and I watched a bunch of fans pull out their phones and start downloading the game right there."

10:53AM "Sometimes I have to stop and say, 'whoa, this is a mobile device I'm developing for' because it feels like a desktop."

10:54AM So the soundtrack to this video sounds like Arcade Fire... but it's not Arcade Fire. Let's hope Arcade Fire doesn't find out.

10:54AM Now they're showing users... "My favorite app is..."

10:55AM Big, big applause. The devs like that. And hey, why not? They deserve some credit!

10:55AM "Let's talk about iPhone OS 3.0. Let me highlight just a few, starting with cut copy and paste." Now we're running through the demo from the iPhone 3.0 event.

10:56AM Now mentioning shake to undo, developer APIs, Cocoa Touch support for text.

10:57AM "Next is landscape. Since 1.0 we've had support for this in Safari. Now we're taking this to our key apps." Smattering of applause. Seems like most people know about this. Now Scott is on to MMS. Less than a smattering of applause, a droplet of applause.

10:58AM "29 carriers will support MMS when we launch... AT&T will be ready at the end of the Summer." Laughter. What? End of Summer? You're kidding us, right?

10:59AM "Next up, Spotlight. You can search anything on your phone, including apps. Next, iTunes. You'll now be able to rent and purchase movies right from your phone."

10:59AM "This is great if you're getting ready to get on a flight, you can purchase and download right at the airport."

11:00AM "We've also added support for iTunes U right on the phone. Next, important additions to parental controls. We've added control over a number of items, most importantly, ratings control for movies and TV, as well as apps."

11:01AM Tethering! "This allows you to share you connection with your computer."

11:02AM "This works with Macs and PCs, wired over USB, or wireless with Bluetooth. It is a seamless experience. There's no need to run any software once it's turned on. This requires carrier support. We have 22 partners in 44 countries..." No mention of AT&T. What!?

11:02AM The audience is not happy.

11:03AM "Next up, Safari. SunSpider benchmark. In iPhone OS 3.0, we run JavaScript almost 3 times faster. Next, support for HTTP streaming audio and video."

11:03AM "Next, AutoFill -- you can now remember user names and passwords to login to websites. We also use your contact info to fill out web forms."

11:04AM "We have been driving and tracking the HTML 5 standard, and now we're adding support for new standards like audio and video tags."

11:05AM Adding new languages... more than 30 languages supported in OS 3.0. Okay. Sweet.

11:05AM Find My iPhone. "This is a great one. If you've ever misplaced or lost your phone, it can be... somewhat traumatic." Ha! A scene from 30 Rock.

11:06AM "Hopefully you haven't had a 30 Rock experience, but this is why we created Find My iPhone. If you lose or misplace the phone, you can login to MobileMe on any browser and it will show you where the phone is." Wow -- big applause.

11:07AM You can send a message to the phone. You can send a message to your phone which plays a sound as well, whether or not it's in silent mode. "If you're like me, and it shows you that your phone is at your house, the alert still plays until you find that your kids hid it under the couch."

11:08AM "Now, if it is lost or stolen, you can send a remote wipe command which will delete all of your data." Big cheers.

11:09AM "These are only a few of the tools that we offer in 3.0. The SDK has more than a 1000 new APIs... let me talk you through a few, starting with in-app purchases."

11:09AM Free apps remain free. In App purchase is only for paid apps. Only ever. Forever. Okay?

11:10AM Peer-to-peer. Wirelessly over Bluetooth, no pairing needed. Doesn't look like this is any different than what we saw at the 3.0 event.

11:11AM "For 3.0, we're opening up the possibility for developers to build apps that talk directly to third-party hardware."

11:11AM "These companion apps can talk over Bluetooth or the dock connector."

11:12AM "Next is Maps. You can embed Google Maps into your applications. This is the heart of our app that we ship with the phone. You get all of the same functionality. And we're allowing developers to build turn-by-turn apps."

11:13AM "Next, push -- which is in iPhone OS 3.0." "There are 3 types of notifications you can push, text alerts, numerical badges, and sounds alerts."

11:13AM "Ever since we announced 3.0, we've been seeding developers with betas, and here's a few to show you what they've accomplished, starting with Gameloft."

11:14AM Gameloft is showing off what we saw at the 3.0 event -- racing app. One moment, we need to get our leathers on.

11:15AM Ah, that's right. You can play music from your iTunes collection (on the phone) in the app. Nice touch.

11:15AM Wow, game is incredibly fast too.

11:17AM "Next up is Airstrip Technologies. They allow doctors to monitor patient data on their devices. I'd like to invite up Dr. Cameron Powell."

11:18AM This is all a bit doctory for us. I mean sure, every editor at Engadget is also a licensed physician, but that doesn't mean we want to use our iPhones for healthcare.

11:19AM This is actually pretty amazing. You can see a real-time stream of a patients heart monitor data.

11:20AM "Thank you very much." Big applause. Really impressive app -- gives you a real picture of the scope of what's being done for this platform. It's no laughing matter.

11:22AM Now a demo of Iceberg, a book-buying app for the iPhone. Looks like someone wants to run up against Amazon here.

11:22AM "Next up is TomTom..." Audience oohs.

11:23AM "The first GPS unit I purchased was a TomTom -- here's the CTO and Co-founder of TomTom, Peter-Frans Pauwels."

11:24AM "We've worked hard on this. We've delivered real TomTom navigation on the iPhone. Here's an example." About time on this, guys!

11:26AM "It will dock the iPhone, you can use in portrait or landscape, and thanks to the accessory framework, we can enhance your GPS data. Finally, we'll power your iPhone as you drive, so you're fully charged when you arrive."

11:26AM "This will be available this Summer, TomTom for iPhone is here!" Huzzah. Seriously. Huzzah. No mention of price though. We're thinking kind of expensive.

11:27AM Next up, ngmoco -- founder Neil Young. No, no. Not that Neil Young.

11:28AM Star Defense demo... tower defense... IN SPACE.

11:29AM Now showing off the downloading capabilities. "And bam! A whole new galaxy in my pocket." The audience liked that one.

11:31AM Another demo. Pasco. A science app which shows off theory / experiments. Ha! Scott just came back out in a lab outfit. He's going to perform an experiment...

11:33AM Uh oh -- demo isn't working right. "Where's the rapid increase in pressure?" "The rapid increase in pressure is right here." Points to himself. Too bad the demo didn't work. "Sometimes these things happen, but we can show you how this flatline zooms quite well." Laughter and applause. Well played sir.

11:33AM Scott: "That's the last time I'm dressing up for an experiment. Next up is Zipcar."

11:34AM Luke Schneider from Zipcar. "We're excited to introduce our app today. Jonathan (who is demoing the app) doesn't own a car. The application immediately locates him, and it shows him where the nearby Zipcar locations are."

11:36AM This should be handy for Zipcar users. We'll be using it to find Zipcars to crush with our monster truck.

11:36AM Wow -- you can unlock the car from within the app! Big applause for that one.

11:39AM Now demoing a variety of sounds. Some audio trouble it looks like... not quite doing what it should.

"So... it's only rock and roll." The demo isn't working. "It's quite possible we have a little communication problem between the phone and the guitar." Oh man, this sucks -- seems like a really cool app.

11:41AM "Well you'll have to go to our site and see what this sounds like." Apparently you can also retune the guitar (a Veriax) via the app. Pretty awesome stuff, though it's a little disheartening that the demo took a nosedive. That would be very, very bad at a gig.

11:42AM Scott assures us that the demo worked fine in rehearsal. Somewhere Steve Jobs is shaking his fist in anger.

11:43AM "We think you'll love 3.0 -- it's free for iPhone users, $9.95 for touch users. And it will be available June 17th."

11:43AM "For developers -- we're giving you the GM seed today."

11:43AM "And that is iPhone OS 3.0."

11:44AM "And with that, I'd like to hand it back over to Phil." Here we go guys.

11:44AM "To call the iPhone 3G a hit would be the understatement of the year. It's changed how people think about their phones. It wasn't that long ago that we were so frustrated with these... crappy devices."

11:45AM "It's changed the things people want to do with their phones." Oh ouch. Showing the available apps... 18 for Palm! Nasty, nasty burn.

11:46AM "BlackBerry broke a 1000... and somebody else... I can't read it, it's too small." Wow.

11:46AM iPhone 3GS!

11:47AM Well we've seen this one. "This is a really fast iPhone. Something as simple launching messaging, 2 times faster... everything is faster. These are all speeds against an iPhone 3G."

11:48AM Wow -- SunSpider test is less than half the rating of the 3G with 3.0.

11:48AM Up to 2 times faster across the phone, but not with everything.

11:48AM 7.2Mbps HSDPA...

11:49AM Brand new 3 megapixel autofocus camera...

11:50AM "Amazing hardware and software which works together. Auto focus, auto white balance... and we have tap to focus... you just tap on what you want to focus on." Just like the leak we saw!

11:51AM Macro as close as 10cm away, and better low light performance. "And there's an API for developers. But the best thing about this camera, is that it also captures video..."

11:51AM "So how does that work? You go into the camera application, select if you want to do video, 30fps, VGA, with audio... auto focus, auto white balance."

11:51AM Video demo. Wow -- it looks great. Really high quality.

11:52AM "When you go into the app, you can see the video and scrub along with your finger... you can also edit it with a tap of your finger."

11:52AM "And you can share it with anyone, I can tap share and send it in an email... if my carrier supports it, I can send as an MMS." Nice jab at AT&T.

11:53AM "Best of all for devs, there's an API for this. Build video capture right into your apps."

11:53AM "There's another great feature -- we call it voice control. You can hold down the home button, and a brand new UI pops up -- the voice control interface."

11:54AM "And talk about easy to use, the commands you make are scrolling by as you use it."

11:54AM "You can make calls with your voice, you can control your iTunes by voice."

11:54AM "I can ask my phone, 'what's playing now' and it'll speak the title and artist back to me."

11:55AM "There's also a built-in digital compass. The compass app is a new one that comes on the iPhone -- you can tap to go right into Maps, and if you tap a second time, it will orient the map to where you're facing."

11:56AM Accessibility: "We have some great new settings on the 3GS -- it can read text, you can zoom in the display, invert black and white..."

11:56AM "We've also built in support for Nike+" Nice!

11:57AM "And something businesses have asked for... hardware encryption. All new iPhone 3GSs will have it."

11:57AM "All this... and yet we've improved battery life as well."

11:58AM Up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFI internet.

11:58AM Also a greener device. 23% smaller packaging.

11:58AM "The 3GS -- the most powerful iPhone yet."

11:59AM Okay... now let's get this price.

11:59AM "The iPhone 3GS... just $199."

11:59AM 16GB of storage, and $299 for a 32GB version.

12:00PM Black and white... no colors.

12:00PM "But we want to reach even more customers. So we're going to keep the iPhone 3G on the market... at $99."

12:01PM "And that starts today..."

12:01PM "So when does the iPhone 3GS become available? Just a week and a half."

12:02PM "After that even more countries, over 80 countries will have it by August."

12:02PM New ad! Ha -- more of the spy theme. A lens looking at the 3GS "I think it's the same."

12:03PM "So today, we've shown you a whole new line of MacBook Pros, Snow Leopard, really our first public demo, Scott showed you iPhone OS 3.0, and I've shown you the iPhone 3GS."

12:04PM "But that's just the start of our show here at WWDC..." Ah, he means for devs. So, no lime green iPhone then?

12:04PM "I'd like to say as we leave, thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on these products."

12:05PM And that's it folks... now let's see if we can find one of these badboys!