Pre sets first day and first weekend device sales records for Sprint, almost ruins a wedding

As of late Sunday, the new Palm Pre became the fastest starter ever for Sprint, setting records both for best first day sales and best first weekend sales, according to a Sprint press release. Unfortunately, Sprint doesn't mention a specific number of devices sold (the best estimate so far is around 50,000), or what device the Pre knocked off the top spot -- we'd say the Instinct, if we had to guess. The rest of the effusive PR is spent on extensive self praise, with CEO Dan Hesse calling the launch "the coming out party for the new Sprint." In between plugs for the Ready Now experience, however, unfolds the bizarre story of a groom-to-be standing in line 15 minutes before his wedding. We don't want to spoil the ending, but let's just say it's got "feel good romcom of the summer" written all over it.